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Sefton School (Upper Sefton Road)

In 1883, a report by the Canterbury Education Board recorded the formation of the new district of Sefton, and on 18 December that year, two acres of land were purchased for the school site.  The school opened on 15 December 1884 with a roll of 86 pupils.  The majority of these pupils appear to have come from Mt Grey Downs School, due to a much shorter distance to travel.

The first Headmaster was Mr H.W. Hammond and the first Infant Mistress was Miss Ewing. Hammond and his staff were "talented musicians, and their pupils put on many fine concerts in the township" (Hawkins, 361)

In April 1930, Sefton School was consolidated with Balcairn School, creating a total roll of 116.  A bus service was provided to bring the Balcairn children to Sefton School, an early involvement in a growing trend in education.  By 1951, the Saltwater Creek School also closed, and the bus route to Sefton School was extended.  It also gained again in 1963 when the Mt Grey Downs School consolidated with Ashley School.

Gradually, the school grounds have been extended with the addition of land and the building of a pool in 1954.  The original school building was demolished in 1955 when a new building was built.  The school also had a library and a dental clinic.

Roll in 2010 - 94 pupils

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